Winter Time:  The clocks have gone back and we are officially heading into the winter months, so we would like to give our customers some support on how to keep your van in tip top condition over this Winter period.

1.  Drain Down 

It’s that time of year where  you need to drain down your holiday home ready for the winter!
We urge you to have this process done by a professional, as the changing climate is causing harsher winters than we are normally used to. Although there are instructions in your manufacturer’s handbook on how to complete a drain down, last year many customers across the UK were affected by this.
In the past a tiny residual amount of water would not have caused such extensive damage during the winter, but when we are seeing sub-zero temperatures and snow over long periods of time, even a few drops left in the system can cause expensive damages that we do not wish our customers to have to pay for.  Drain down is part of the necessary care of your holiday home and is not something that is covered by warranty,
 Remember it is much easier to tackle the cause than the effect.  Paying for a professional drain down is far cheaper than replacing your boiler next year!